Pygmy Elephants face death all because of a few dolars

We have all seen the pictures in the news re the baby elephant by its dead mother(RIP) in Sabah (Malaysian part of Borneo) The baby is only a few months old and now lost its one and only hope for survival. No amount of milk will nourish this baby likes its mothers milk. Its lost weight and the future is looking bleak.

It appears once again to be the result of palm oil plantations. The workers were told to put out rat poison so the elephants/other innocent animals do not forage for food and eat the palm.  Result: Death.   How disgusting.

Yet will the government hold anyone responsible ?  I guess not, like any nation, its swept under the carpet and so in a few weeks, few months who will remember to care.  WRONG!  Eyes are watching since you are failing in every bit of NO KILL POLICY.

Elephants never forget.  One day Palm Oil Cartels, to see revenge will be sweet.  What you have done and no doubt will still continue to do, blood money never goes far.  Its tainted in blood and will rot your mind and if you think you have one,  your brain(I doubt you do).  When you get old, rocking in your arm-chair and you reflect back, you will die mentally, slowly but surely.  But this is not what I wish for, I want you to stop your actions now and look at what you are doing to the natural beauty and the poor innocent animals.  All they want to do is graze, sleep, walk, breathe and live like we do, but the difference is your mind is greedy for money.  Money can buy you anything you want, but a time will come where no matter how much you have, it will not help nor save your mental sanity nor health.

So stop now, you have a chance – Law of Karma

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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