Animals are incredible, they have a voice but never heard. Why ? Cos nobody is listening. They are gentle beings which also need to eat, sleep, rest and play, just like us. But you see humans (the billions that are on this planet) think they know best.

Money talks to hunters that kill animals for a few bucks. Yet they never stop and think, who am I killing, it is a mother or father to a child ? Or has it any brothers or sisters ? Are the children waiting for this parent to go feed them ? Animals don’t have any feelings right ? So elephants grieve for no reason ? Orangutans feed their babies like a human mother, but yet they are shot and killed. Why ? So many humans are ignorant.

My job here is to bring what I see and what I hear to your attention.

You are welcome to share this blog with your family and friends.

2 Responses to About

  1. lupe says:

    keep the info the coming – what are your plans!

    • Dropping a leaflet off to a mining village (not really a village, just a destruction off the river bank!) to tell them cons of their work and to think beyond the money aspect. Off to a conservation village tomorrow to see people.

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