A Further Reduction to the Elephant Population

It’s nice to know when a plan comes together but should this really be happening in the first place.  Singapore customs officials have managed to stop an Ivory consignment from Africa. Apparently it was “passing” thru Singapore but doesn’t say the destination, one can safely assume China.   Where they believe tusks, horns, bear bile etc are cures for all this killer diseases (different types of Cancer).    Personally, your population is kind of high so I’d prefer you to die than kill innocent animals for your useless selfish extra years on this planet. Get the picture!  Get real and except when your time is up!

A total of 1,099 tusks were found in sacks marked as ‘waste paper’.  Can you imagine how many elephants were killed just in this assignment let alone any others that have passed thru customs undetected.  To be honest, if a job was done well,  nothing can be left undetected, surely x-ray equipment would spot hmm this is not paper or whatever its been marked as coverup.

Thing is, customs not only have to deal with the real bastards in crime but they also have colleagues who may be working with bribes.  A tough job, glad this was busted but at a cost of so many lives of innocent creatures is sadly too high.  We need to put a stop at the root, so easy to say but harder to put into action in a world where money buys you friends in high places.


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