Where is the justice: Humans v Animal

One would think as the years go on, people get wiser.  The judges would have gained from experiences of past mistakes and society itself would be in a better place.  But no, we are still in the dark ages.

If humans make a mistake and depending on who judges your trial, you may get a stiff sentence or perhaps a suspended one.

When three humans,  each supposedly born with a brain and an intellect kill SIX children, their OWN children, they get 17 years in prison (to serve min half that sentence) and the ugly one, Mick, gets a life sentence (min 15 yrs).

With the recent news where a dog bites a child or in the sad case of Jade Anderson, poor girl gets accidentally killed.
Sentence for the Dog(s): Death Penalty.

A fox enters a door which is left open (there is no proof it was a fox) and the nation goes into a frenzy that foxes are a menace, they have no predator and need to be culled.
Sentence for Foxes: Death Penalty –  in fact a cull

It is obvious that the ugly trio have killed,  a “plan” that went wrong, why are they not destroyed?  Why should we be paying for them in prison?  These morons have not given anything positive to society.  Yet after all this, they will walk free in a max 17 years time.

Sentence for humans: 17 years max.

Why is the law different for mankind(pardon the pun) and different for animals where in most cases, they haven’t killed anyone or anything.

The law simply is unbelievable.

Or it is just an easy target to give the ones without a voice, a death penalty.



About animalsdohaveavoice

Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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