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2011 and Police leave Dogs in Car

Dear Police Do you have a brain then use it! A German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois died due to heat exhaustion in an unventilated private vehicle. This seriously boils the blood of people that have a brain to know … Continue reading

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No Road in Serengeti – Home of Wildlife

How could you even have considered this ? It should not just be about “How much tourism” (meaning money) it should be about THAT IS THE HOME OF WILDLIFE. The scientific view on endangering wildebeest lives could have an impact … Continue reading

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Palm Oil – Avoid at ALL COSTS

You may not give a damn today or tomorrow or even a year from now.  But WHEN there are no more pygmy elephants, Sumatran Tigers or Rhinos and ofcourse our beloved close cousins, the Oran-utans, we will have run out … Continue reading

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Could Foxes and Badgers be next to feel MP’s Love

“MPs voted to ban wild animals in circuses last night after David Cameron’s attempts to bully Conservative backbenchers into voting against the measure backfired and ended in a humiliating public defeat.” Well done.  Eyes have finally opened, but shame on … Continue reading

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Animal or Human – illegal loggers dont care

It doesn’t matter a damn bit to illegal loggers whether they are killing animals or humans.  The link below is regarding a Brazilian man trying to protect the land around him.  But due to the lack of common sense and … Continue reading

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Sharks spotted near Cornwall

Well I guess the answer is simple.  Amphibians live in water.  Mankind lives on land.  Simple eh, then nobody gets hurt nor needs to die.

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Game Keeper using Pigeons as bait

Another foolish excuse of a human was trapping birds of prey using pigeons as bait.  Now referring to my previous post today, who can you trust, this chap falls dead on that category. He was actually working on National Trust … Continue reading

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