How RSPCA detroys perfectly healthy animals

This is not a witch hunt on the RSPCA, but getting tired of liars and those that wear a caring mask. Stop fooling the public with your begging bowls and tv adds asking for money.

‘The charity insists the vast majority of the animals were put down to end their suffering, but it admits that last year alone 3,400 animals were destroyed for ‘non-medical’ reasons, such as the lack of space in kennels and catteries’

As their critics say, they spend time trying to crack down playing pet detective, but once they have rescued the pets they kill them. So whats the point.  It seems the headlines they like are “RSPCA cracks down on …” so we get told they rescued 1000 sheep or 100 cats or dogs. But we ASSUME (remember the good old ASS out of U and ME) they will take care of those animals by giving them a temp home until new homes are found. Um no.

Whistleblower claims she shot healthy dogs ‘because there was no room’ ”   Well thanks for blowing the whistle now, but how can you, how dare you shoot these animals ? Surely you take an oath to help these animals, yet for a job title and pay you are prepared to go against your ethics or principals (I am ASSUMMING) you had these else why do this kind of job.

n 2009, the RSPCA, which is one of Britain’s biggest charities and receives £120 million a year in donations, stopped accepting stray animals and unwanted pets.”

Unbelievable.  I know of a good friend who had a deer in her back garden.  She was scared on how it will escape or how will it survive if it cannot find a way out.  So I referred her to the RSPCA (this was 8 years ago) and they simply told her to let the deer loose into the streets and if the deer gets injured, they can come out and rescue it. What a pathetic answer.  Isnt the idea to save the animal from injury and simply come and help this poor scared deer back into some parkland. 

You have lost the plot.  Eyes are watching you.  There is nothing Royal about your society.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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