RSPCA – An animals loving charity…. so you would think….

I have recently heard a few stories about the RSPCA which added to the negative publicity I have heard and seen before.   But having met an ex inspector from RSPCA who has written a book on the organised crime in the animal kingdom, I really  thought they were friends to the animal kingdom but…..

The latest article in the telegraph justifies what I heard!

“…It was decided all the lame sheep had to be put down, as they were deemed unfit to travel.”

I know many lame humans who are unfit to travel, can I do the same to them ?

I’m tired of the overall description as RSPCA Inspectors, some names please of these idiots who wear the uniform as if the animals will be safe in their hands.

I am going to liken RSPCA Inspectors to the animal world like Harold Shipman is to humans.

You go to either in faith yet the death sentence is round corner.

So we trust you budding up with Pets At Home is a good thing, nope, have no trust or faith in you.

I just got made aware of their (RSPCA) story this simply shows, do not believe all that you see or read off these official sites.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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