More Orangutans die due to human greed.

The news over the last week has been mind numbing.  How can humans be so cold and callous ?  Why don’t the Indonesian government listen to the calls of so many people who are fighting the cause and writing about the horrific plight that the countries most precious animals face.  Not just Orangutans, infact the pygmy elephants, the beautiful slow loris,  the endangered proboscis monkey, the long tailed macaque, the hogs, the pygmy bears… and the precious list goes on…

When humans are dying due to humans with inadequate brains ruling the land, other countries from the west step in and help.  Yet Indonesia is allowed to kill off endangered  animals with the people who care, only allowed to watch from the side lines.  This is truly a testing point.  No Orangutans ? and guess what Indonesia, you will get no tourists.    Wake up and look at our red friends, they are so alike us and do not cause harm, they create no pollution (unlike us humans), they live outside (no concrete jungles like us!), they eat fruits from the trees and drop the peel which gets eaten by animals below or cultivates the forest soil and yet their lives are at stake, cause of human greed.

What happened in the forest fires is truly despicable, words cannot describe the pain people who care and feel for the hundreds of animals that died in the fire, feel. To know that the animals we are trying to save, matter not one bit to the Indonesian Government and Western Investors.  Yet what matters more is the dollar bill.

Law of Karma Mr Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono enjoy the money while it lasts…..and H.E. Zulkifli Hasan, open your eyes before it is too late.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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