Why don’t animals have the same rights as humans after they die ?

Why are animals treated so differently to human even when they die ?  Knut, a polar bear, which died last month @Berlin Zoo suffering from epilepsy.  Could Berlin Zoo have saved him ?   If your child suffered from fits, would you leave him near a pool ?


Knut helped generate £4.4m ($7m) in 2007  from the sale of tickets and Knut-branded merchandise for Berlin Zoo.  Today the zoo is planning to ‘stuff’ Knut for their museum.   Why ? Because they loved him and cared for him and miss him ?  Do not be deluded.  All about the money.  Of-course millions of people will gather and come pay respects.  But I doubt it will be for free.  Would you stuff your mum or dad or loved one ?  Why does this have to apply to animals ?  Oh yes because it will generate income!  Ofcourse!!


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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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