Sir Richard Branson is to import lemurs to the Caribbean

Although Sir Richard Branson may have his heart in the right place, he may be convinced that having been through all the checks with many scientists and biologists that its safe to bring them to his island.  BUT we have evidence of what happens where a slight mistake in introducing new species can have a detrimental effect on the country/island where the specie is being introduced.

The greatest example is Galapogas

People have been known to bring their cat over to the island thinking nothing can go wrong bringing their pet cat to the shores of Galapagos…. yep even our favourite feline can effect the flora and fauna and natives animals that already reside on the island.

I cannot imagine Sir Richard would do this for profit making ie attract people to the island as ‘Madagascar 2’ to see lemurs… surely not, would he ?

Having a safe enclosure would be a better bet.  These animals do need rescuing since politics and destruction of the forest is, like the Orang-utans in Borneo, having an impact on their habit.  There we go again, thanks to the humans!!

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