Post Grand National – Andy Stewart Multi Millionaire Horse Owner

Well it’s been a few days after two horses (Dooneys Gate and Ornais – RIP) died at the Grand National and funny how they can so easily be forgotten and with so many reports not even mentioned their individual names.

Andy Stewart was apparently outraged by people discussing the death of the two race horses and not giving focus to the winner of Saturdays race.  Then he continues to say  “Sadly, Ornais fell at the fourth and died instantly. We’re still grieving as far as that’s concerned and I think this whole hyped-up situation regarding the Grand National is totally wrong in my opinion,” Stewart said on Sunday.”

“We’re still grieving as far as that’s concerned.” What a Son of a B___.  When his son was hurt by an activity HE chose to partake in(snowboarding) and was badly injured, this multi millionaire was happy to throw all the money he had to make his son walk again.  Because the NHS could not help his son Paul any further, he took Paul to USA for treatment where they were using ‘state of the art’ equipment and techniques for such injuries.

Well Andy, it’s funny how an animal that made you money through horse racing is so easily forgotten.  You attack the NHS for lack of care.  How can you expect the NHS to offer and use ‘state of the art’ equipment.   Did you perhaps even consider using your ‘millions’ to donate to the NHS to setup a room/ward to offer others who are less fortunate to have use of ‘state of the art’ equipment. I guess not.

Horses may like to be ridden.  Horse may like to run.   But to race under such pressure ?  The stupid race course has had so many deaths, why will they learn.  If jockeys died so regularly in these events, you think horse racing would still exits ?

All about money!  Andy its easy come easy go, watch and see.

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