No Road in Serengeti – Home of Wildlife

How could you even have considered this ?

It should not just be about “How much tourism” (meaning money) it should be about THAT IS THE HOME OF WILDLIFE.

The scientific view on endangering wildebeest lives could have an impact on the number of lions and cheetahs etc is very true. This natural habitat has been left untouched. The animals are taking care of the ecosystem just fine by themselves. Learn from other countries whereby interference from humans results in devastation in most cases.

Look at Mozambique and the elephant corridor.
Look at the pathetic oil diggers in the Arctic.
Look at the Palm Tree plantations in Borneo and Malaysia.
Look at the Amazon rain forest… the list can continue.

Well done for hearing the voice of of animals. Not all about money, they have rights too.

About animalsdohaveavoice

Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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