Palm Oil – Avoid at ALL COSTS

You may not give a damn today or tomorrow or even a year from now.  But WHEN there are no more pygmy elephants, Sumatran Tigers or Rhinos and ofcourse our beloved close cousins, the Oran-utans, we will have run out of time, no turning back.  Once the roller coaster ride has begun, as it has done so already, when it hits the peak, there will be no stopping it.  This is where we’re at with the destruction of the rain forest.

When you buy products like flapjacks, bread from Waitrose, biscuits, cakes, shampoo, soap, cereals, margarine, soup, crisps and ice cream and ofcourse chocolate.. the list is endless, beware and watch out for Palm Oil.  They used to mask it under ‘Vegetable Oil’ but now the legislation is to list it individually.

Please don’t ignore this, everyday goes by, the demand for palm oil stays constant, the devastation will continue.

If you care about animals, this is effecting their homes and livelihood.

If you care about people, then this also effecting their homes and livelihood of indigenous people.


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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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