Elephant Dies because of Go Daddy

The world seems to produce more and more ignorant fools as each day goes by!!

GoDaddy (internet company) shoots an elephant but the dumb ass thinks it’s a good idea as it will stop the elephant damaging crops which belong to the farmers.  This would then enable the people in Zimbabwe to eat otherwise the elephant simply damages crops.

“It was done to feed farmers on the brink of starvation,” Parsons told Wired.com. And will he post the video next year, just as he’s been doing for the last two years? “Sure,” he says, without hesitation. “If I said I wouldn’t be going back [to Zimbabwe], the farmers, they would be very disappointed indeed.”

Hey GoDumbDaddy – what do you think the people of Zimbabwe eat whilst you’re big white ass is not in Africa ?  You reckon they wait for your pretty fat lard to land so they can have that one meal in a year.

Did your vacuum head think about an alternative solution that involves no killing ?  If you did an internet search, you heard of that fatboy, search on the internet ? Ask the help-desk operators in your company or even the janitor, they will show you.  Usually a monkey climbs tree so high up in an organisation all one sees looking up is their fat butt.   There has been a tried and tested way in which farmers protect their crops.  I know cos I have been to Zimbabwe.



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2 Responses to Elephant Dies because of Go Daddy

  1. James says:

    Totally with you on this. What a foolish publicity stunt.

  2. Sally says:

    An elephant is such a beautiful animal. Their numbers are on the decline as it is without this moron shooting it. Africa should stamp out allowing people to pay to kill such animals. Never going to his internet site to buy anything!

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