Look at these Ugly Mutts


Michael Hartley, 54 (dumb) and  Jennifer Hadfield, 56 (dumber) of Briary Court, were found guilty of dumping the dog in an industrial estate.

The fools said they drove around looking for an RSPCA office but could not find one so thought they could simply dump the dog.  If you were at least concerned you could ring 118118 or google ?  But looking at you both, feeble excuses as humans with hardly a brain cell between you, I doubt you’d know how to switch a computer on.

Lucky the dog was not harmed other than the stress caused, but these ugly mutts were only given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £100 costs. What is £100 ?  It’s not a deterrent.  The money raised could go to the likes of RSPCA or local animals shelters.  £10,000, £25,000, £50,000 now that’s a punishment.

Outside court, Hartley apologised. “I shouldn’t have done it and I’m sorry to everyone who has been upset by it,” he said.  Hope you get pelted you sorry excuse for a human.

Lucky for CCTV – although its big brother watching, if you’ve nothing to hide, why worry.  Just shows the good it can do.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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