Shark Attack – Egypt

Why is this a such a surprise or a shock ?   Do we humans live in the sea ?  No!  So if you intrude the home territory of a sea creature and some of the creatures eat pretty much anything, don’t be surprised.

RIP for what happened to the German tourist, but this is the price we pay for intruding space which really does not belong to us.  We ASSUME its safe.  We were not invited.

What worries me is “Egyptian authorities had re-opened the waters after saying they captured the sharks involved in the earlier attacks.”    They have been captured… whats been done with them ?  Are they dead or a alive ?  If alive, what does their future hold ? You going to stop and put them on a non-human diet ? Leave them alone.  Perhaps create your own snorkelling ‘safe haven’ so no chance of attacks.  Else watch a David Attenborough episode and appreciated the waters from afar.

Do I go into the sea ?   No, its an unknown world, but a beautiful world.

If you go into a Nature Reserve where there are free roaming lions and cheetahs and crocodiles, if one comes to attack you, most of the time it will be because YOU did something to spook it.  But once again, you entered the reserve at your peril.  You went into their territory, uninvited,  so respect it and be on guard.  Do not assume it is safe because 100’s before you have come and gone safely.

Just because Sharks have not attacked before, or entered ‘that’ space before, who is to predict or tell ?  That’s their land, they can go where they please.

There are fears about the impact of the shark attacks on the tourism trade in the world’s most popular diving spot.” – Ofcourse it boils down to money, since diving and snorkelling is a great money making tourist attraction for Egypt so I’m sure they will do anything to secure the safety of the tourists.  Not because they care, it brings in the money.

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