Lemurs would like to thank China for destroying their forest.

If it’s not Japan, its China!

They are a rapidly developing nation and need the timber and metals as resources but at what cost ?  Why can’t China just THINK for once.  Think about the bigger picture, the consequences of their action!  Think about other creatures apart from humans and profits.

The lemurs are endangered as we know in Madagascar and the fallen trees destroying the forest does not help.

The annual consumption of traditional remedies made of tiger bone, bear gall bladder, rhinoceros horn, dried geckoes and a plethora of other animal parts is of crazy proportions. It is believed that today at least 60 per cent of China’s billion-plus inhabitants use medicines of this type.   60% of 1,335,319,735 (stats from 2011) is HUGE approx 801M.

That’s a lot of animals killed to keep a dumb ass resource consuming human alive!

Open your Eyes China, law of Karma always prevails.   Do you now understand China simply doesn’t care about anything or anyone !?


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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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