Red Squirrel saved by a young motorist, 25

Some would ignore the injured squirrel thinking its going to die  anyway, some would run over it, thinking they are doing it a favour, but this shows what mankind should be about…

‘Mr Graham was on his way back from a festive party with his girlfriend when they discovered the male animal in distress.

“Cars were swerving all round, he wouldn’t have had a chance if left where he was,” he said.    “So we turned back and waited for a break in the traffic to run and get him, and wrap him in one of our coats.”

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Would you jump in a frozen lake to rescue a child ?

If so, whats the difference ?  Any pet a person welcomes into their family, becomes part of their family.    Actually, even if it’s not yours and it was in distress you would help wouldn’t you ?  If it was a human child you would, right…

Respect to the man who used his brain in his approach to helping his dog.  Like a polar bear walking on thin ice, spreading his body weight across the frozen water in these freezing conditions.

Having said that, people taking their dogs for a walk in these conditions should be careful and place their pet on a lead.  The dog is not aware of the dangers of a frozen lake so, like you would do with a child, you should be responsible and guide them correctly.

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Rhino Hustlers – British Zoos high Alert

This chain of activities simply shows how corrupt the world is. Everyone is simply after the green $.  This act hasn’t been actioned as yet, but museums have been hit in the past.  Only because of a rumour that a rhinos’ horn helps cure cancer ?  How foolish. And like most rumours spreads like wildfire… But the effect of something so foolish is dramatic.  In this case…

To break into a zoo – find ‘the’  animal enclosure in the dark –  to kill an animal – walk away with the body part, in this case the horn – not be caught on any CCTV(impossible surely, big brother watches us everywhere) – meet the buyers – make the exchange (does not have to be in public) – buyer takes it to the airport to arrange transportation to hmmm would China be a good guess ?

There has to be someone in the UK airport who will be corrupt or half a sleep to let the horn thru and the same on the other side.  Yet even after all these risks, people are willing to do it….

Why take that risk ?  Well to me, the punishment given currently is not enough. To be honest people just walk free since there aren’t enough prisons. Well build some!  The amount of money that it costs tagging this person, making sure they do not commit this kind of crime again. If they commit this kind of crime again then a priceless animal is killed etc costs build up. In prison, they are out of sight out of mind. If they want money, give them monopoly to play with!  But build some damned prisons or a pit in the ground, infact the current prisoners can dig at that.

  • Kill any animal should be imprisonment like you would to any human being killed.
  • Imprisonment and confiscation of all bank accounts related to the person (inc any different names used)
  • Passports should be confiscated (although many out there to forage them)
  • Secure website solely for traffickers and killers, side and front facial view, full photo, description of person and of-course their main name and aliases used.
  • When they leave prison, their new (lost weight perhaps) photo update on the site
  • This is where Retina Scans in airport security should work a treat, which will also lead them onto ceasing the forged passport.

It is difficult to patrol any establishment especially if you do not know  if  anyone internally is maybe helping the foolish smugglers.  But there’s not doubt about it, these animals are precious and security has to be on high alert, but the punishment when it happens has to be tough. Prevention is better than cure.

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China – You need to re-check your Ethical Status

You eat absolutely anything on the planet.  I will not tarnish all the Chinese people with the same brush but the ones which have no ethics or moral statuses on what they eat (who they eat) you disgust me.

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More Elephant Tusks seized in 2011 than in any year since 1989

This is incredible when you think (assume) there is more awareness, more ways of getting caught, more punishment if you get caught… but yet this figure is higher than ever before.   They suggest around 23 tonnes of ivory was seized which represents around 2,500 elephants that died.

You see for people that like eating meat,  one kills pigs, cows, chickens etc for “survival” these elephants were killed purely to satisfy demands in Asia (surprised ? nope!) where it is used to make decorative objects.

It’s OK to kill so that you can use ivory to sit on your mantle piece ? What kind of selfish and sick human does that.  This also applies to those that have a deer head stuck on the wall.  When your mother or father dies, who you slice their head and nail it on the wall ?

Hmmm I guess not, so different rules if you’re an animal eh.

The sad thing is, we can place so many wardens and intelligence in place,  but it only takes one person that works on the dark side to make the whole system fail.  Money Talks, nothing new here then.

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Lemurs end up on dinner tables

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Contacts Lens – animal testing

One cannot believe in this day and age, rabbits are still suffering like so many other laboratory tested animals.  Why !? There are so many humans, whom you could pay and they would happily have you test the technology on them.  Ah ofcourse Human Rights!

“A new generation of contact lenses that project images in front of the eyes is a step closer after successful animal trials, say scientists.”

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