Deer Cull – Is this the only option ? Nope

I was in Richmond Park two weeks ago where I saw the “Deer Cull” sign.  Sad really, when considering most people who visit the park come to see the deer roam freely.
Why do humans have to dictate the life of a species? Whether it lives or dies, whether it becomes extinct or not and whether it is worthy to live alongside humans or not.

Could we not have a sensible approach such as vaccinating the deer to produce less mating behaviour and perhaps displace them as a family to other regions?  I can understand they destroy the land around by grazing, but isn’t that what they eat?  We buy our food from supermarkets supplied by farmers, who cultivate the land and produce more the next season,  they don’t have this choice!

The argument against injecting them seems to be more financially based: $1000 / £750 to dart the deer and then $10/£7.50 to actually inject the deer.  Surely that’s worth it, since in years to come, the population will become more tolerable without having had any killed?

Or is it a good way of saving money AND generating income by the sale of deer meat?
Have you thought of how you are going to control the human population?  We are running over 7 Billion and its growing per second.
The projected food availability is bad for humans too in decades to come, so what about a human cull?  Surely for us humans to survive, this should be high up in the list to sort ? 
So, let’s take a look at the wider picture and take care of “our” population first before we enter the territory of other species.  We have rapists and serial killers and child abusers etc who get a roof over their head in prison, why?  Let their footprint be erased, surely they are a disgrace to mankind.  We have self inflicted obesity, alcoholics, drug addicts… surely these are a pure waste in society, shall we erase these set of people too ?  This will bring down the burden on the NHS too, win win situation.
I can understand the need to reduce the population of deers (and sometimes other animals) to allow other species not to become eradicated since there are no natural predators to the deer (lions, wolves..) but there has to be a humane way, not simply shoot to kill. 
When it comes to animals, why is the death penalty always the answer?
You can ignore the input from the RSPCA since they kill animals themselves when there’s no reason to.
Trevor Banham of the Forestry Commission: “Numbers have got out of hand”
Well Trevor, you sad sad man, how can you actually have a smile on your face with dead beings around you?   Thinking of the money you made for the Forestry Commission? You sad old fool.

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