Was it really a fox ?

Mind wonders…

Sometimes one has to think re attacks on children and the blame culture.  What or Who could have injured the child  ? … and then it becomes too easy to blame something else ?  I am bit sceptical with this poor 4 week old baby being bitten story.

The baby definitely looks injured with bites/scratches on his poor face.  But what puzzles me, with the recent drop in temperature and with a young born baby in the house, who on earth would keep the back door open ?  Something does not add up….

With the past events, its easy to blame the fox.  Then sadly everyone (esp parents) go on the bandwagon to protect their children and agree, foxes should be culled.  I think not.  You have more to fear from humans than these beautiful creatures.

Credit goes to a father and daughter who took in the fox and raised it from birth.  Looking at the pictures, its trained just like a dog.  It’s had full run in their bar and guess what, no one has been injured. But yet because of a “customer complaint”, the pub owners will now heed precaution.


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