Foxes versus Killers / Rapists / Paedophiles / Physopaths

A poor baby gets a lucky escape with an attack from a fox (?)  Even the Pest Control chap, Richard Mosley and RSPCA agree that fox attacks on humans are rare.  Feel sorry for anything attacking this poor defenseless child as it too has no voice(in terms of speech to be heard).  If this was the case, then the child was unlucky indeed.

How often do we hear of fox attacks ?  Once a year,  every other year ?  Then our last reported attack was when 2010.  This is nothing compared to other non-wildlife attacks that happen to babies, infact inflicted at times by their own parents.  Do we cull then parents ?  Why not ?  We kill dogs when they attack humans!

First of all, foxes don’t have dinner given to them on a plate.  They hunt for food like most wild animals.  We humans decided not to share our “food waste” by having environmentally friendly “plastic bins” to secure our garbage, so now foxes have to try harder to feed its hunger. Who the hell said London is for us humans.

The dumb ass Livingstone has already scared pigeons out of the city of London and now Doris the Boris wants to make a case to do the same for foxes ?  Hell no.  Learn your facts before you speak and stop trying to simply win people votes by making just foolish statements.

Foxes do not attack people, they actually kill rats and keep that population low as well as other wildlife.  Have a pick, would you like rats running around outside (all day all night) or a fox (night, only rare times during the day)

Thing is Boris, in London, there are far more Rapists, Paedophiles and psychopaths running loose which add to the stats towards harm, injury and death to humans everyday.  Too many to report on a daily basis so we only hear the most horrific ones.  So what are you going to do with these filth on the streets ?

Or you want to pick on ones without a voice ?   Listen to those who are well versed with wildlife and not people who simply voice useless opinions about one attack once in a blue moon.

Even Chris Peckham who knows more about Wildlife than you know about a 1% of Politics, agrees it’s rare for a fox to do anything like this and any evidence it was a fox ?

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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