Western Black Rhino – Extinct

The prominent horn for which all rhinos are so well known for has also been their downfall.    A special Thank You to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore for using it for medical purposes (well they think it is medically helpful but no proof) and how can we forget North Africa and the Middle East whom view the horn as an ornamental dagger handle.

So its OK to kill a beautiful creature to save ones self ?

Well China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore which innocent animal(s) are you going to pick on next so we can eliminate that specie and then the one after and the one after that.

Get the picture, you are causing the extinction of these magnificent creatures at an alarming rate, for what ? Your medical well-being ? Or I mean, for your wealth since you aim to make a mighty buck or two from selling the medicine. And lets not forget the poacher who is encouraged with a handsome financial reward.

Elephants, whales, dolphines, Orangutans… they are all facing a difficult future ahead.  And the human population continues to grow… scary.  Very scary future ahead indeed.


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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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