Boy attacked by fox in bedroom – Um no

Lets get this story into context. She is a mother therefore her reaction will obviously be to defend her own. But if she puts things into context, she’ll realise she got away lucky.

The fox apparently sneaked up after burglars forced open a window and stole thousand pounds worth of valuables. These so called burglars could have been violent or rapist or child molesters. The fox did not harm the child, probably got close and ofcourse the child must have been spooked therefore cried. The fox was most likely a) hungry and b) curious. But yet this pathetic over reacting woman says:

“It is very scary to think what it was trying to do,” said Annette, a mum-of-two. “I believe officers should have destroyed it. If it had been a dangerous dog trying to bite a child, surely it would have been destroyed.”

a) It was not a dog, it was a fox so that’s a given.
b) The fox did not injure or harm anyone but yet you pathetic self centred woman wants to destroy it. You are lucky as I said above that the burglars were just burglars and nothing else. If the fox wanted to do you or your child hard, it would have done so whilst you were on the phone and waiting for the police.

Get real and stop the bad publicity for these poor creatures. They are hungry too. Have you ever had to hunt for food to feed your own hungry ? I guess not. The child benefit and maternity allows you as a human to buy food, food for you and your child. They do not have a choice.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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