People in Catalonia have woken after

After 700 hundred years of bull fighting, after 180,000 signatures, there is finally an end to bull fighting. This is not a sport, how can it be when the human is armed and the bull is cut and sliced up by others before it even meets the matador in the ring. Killing anything is not a sport, especially when it’s an animal v an armed human.

The local breeders are peeved, how are they to earn a living ? These bulls after all are bred only to end up in the the bullfight and then death. So ofcourse no one told the bull that its sole purpose in life is to fight and then die really, simple eh.

You are sad bastards, the spectators and the matadors. Go watch some real sport and go get a real job.

Salute to the Bulls. Hope other Spanish regions soon follow suit.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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