Herbal substitutes to replace Bear bile….

The findings of Dr Yibin Feng, an associate professor/assistant director at the School of Chinese Medicine at the University of Hong Kong has findings from research to prove ‘…herbal substitutes have greater health benefits than those claimed for bear bile which is used in traditional Chinese medicine.’

On the bear farms they are kept in tiny cramped cages and milked for their bile through crude holes cut into the abdomen wall and the gall bladder.

This is positive news for the poor bears. If a human is going to die, that is their karma, you cannot kill another human/animal for their survival. But this will all depend on others in China to read the research report and to embrace the new findings.

Then he goes onto to say…
‘Dr Feng’s research shows that herbal alternatives and bile from other animals such as cattle – which can be collected cheaply at abattoirs – can be more effective than bear bile.’ No this is not the point! There is no difference, now you are simply replacing another animal to give you the bile. OK I agree for you this may be a by-product but get real and face the music, if its time to die, get real and accept the cards you have been dealt. Why should other animals suffer for your survival just because you are a human!


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