BP does it again… BANG -> Polar Bear

Can you believe it. I’ll let you read the script, then route back to read my comments.


‘..spotted towards employee housing’ – How come I think he’s just covering his a$$ with this observation, what proof is there that that really was the case !? Is there no sound signal to notify people to be aware ‘Polar bear present’ ? How many different alerts could there possibly be required in a remote area in Alaska ? ‘Beware Polar bear’ , there you go! Or ‘there’s a crazy armed BP personal who just likes to shoot’, so 2 signals, simple eh!

What about ‘YOU’ do not belong there in Alaska, that’s Polar Bear territory. Like any animal, if it finds something unusual, it will get close and look. Yes polar bears can kill humans but here’s a tip, get out of its territory.

If you want to be gun-ho, go kill a human, there are billions on this planet, but around 299,998 polar bears now and the way oil diggers, climate change and hunters are going that’s going to diminish soon.

When the authorities investigate, what makes me think BP will pay them $$$ to cover up with a valid report, cynical, yup. Money talks.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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