Judge – The expert on windturbines, NOT

As much as I stop and try and understand arguments and decisions made by judges it drives me nuts! Given the migration path of these birds and the voice of the locals, the judge Mr Justice Pelling gave the go-ahead of two wind turbines (ironically his firstname is ‘Justice’). I agree and am for ‘green energy’ but not when it destroys animals or peoples lives.

I have visited this area since I nearly went again to photograph these pink-footed geese a few years ago.

“The judge heard all sides are agreed there is a risk that geese will collide with the turbines. But the developers, Cornwall Light and Power Company Ltd, were eventually given the go-ahead by a Government planning inspector after agreeing to provide compensatory feeding grounds for the geese.”

Ok judge, ‘Is it OK to place a railway crossing closeup to a primary school or nursery ? A few kids may get killed if they stray off the grounds of the school, but overall this is the best place to locate the railway crossing since it provides the shortest route.’

Place your bets that the railway crossing would be canned since this would impact on human lives. And what does it mean: “compensatory feeding grounds for the geese”. So the birds will think, ‘ah we lost old George thru the blades, I read somewhere where they will provide us compensatory feeding ground!’! Birds have excellent vision, they have excellent brains where they remember routes. BUT the blades turn in such a way that its not visible to the naked eye.

This sincerely proves the point whereby the UK justice system needs change. Where is the voice for these birds ?

You’re a disgrace to have the title “judge”.


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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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