Cheetah’s safe for visitors to get close to…yeah right

To avoid paying for a higher fence (£100,000) Alan Ames,55 (head of the park) decided to do a video on how safe these cheetah’s were at Eagle Heights Wildlife Park in Eynsford, near Dartford in Kent, on Sunday.

“The big cat bit both men several times before swiping its massive paw at Mr Foreman, ripping his shorts off and leaving him with scratches down his leg.”

These are WILD animals Mr Ames, what did you expect when you bring strangers like the cameraman closer. If this had gone totally wrong ie: cameraman died, would the cheetah’s have been killed due to your stupidity ? I think removing your dim wit brain from the equation would be much better. Its clear money once again proves to be more important that lives of animals or humans.

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1 Response to Cheetah’s safe for visitors to get close to…yeah right

  1. Rajen says:

    Sell the cheetah to raise the money. Then, at least the cheetah would be safe from an nutcase likeyou!

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