Gypsy gang ‘deliberately drowned’ pony

I was notified of this event early this morning by an AvH subscriber, it was upsetting news to hear first thing in the morning but hey that’s how life is right… Why on earth would anyone want to harm a pony ? A pony is absolutely harmless, so what the hell would be their motive ? Thing is, does it matter ? Will it make a difference ?

Either they were drunk, high on drugs (or both) and they are simply scum of earth.

Now an investigation has been launched and I have total faith that the police WILL track down the killers. But once they are caught and trialled, what will be their punishment ? What will make a difference is what happens now… A fine ? A telling off, don’t do it again or will they be given a substantial prison sentence ? Is there a place where they are named and shamed ? Can you ever forgive these callous people ? Answer is no.

If I were the judge, throw them in a pit and throw away the key. You think you can change these morons ? You let them loose and they will strike again, its in their DNA, some things never change. But we can make the change by saving others animals and humans alike. Lets get heavy on the sentencing. If a human child was drowned, what would the punishment have been ? Life in prison ? So why not an innocent animal !!

Why cant they behave and not kill/harm/injury in the first place. Life you live once, zero tolerance. You strike first blood, face the consequences.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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