Even the sea isn’t off limits!

OK back to Japan. They never learn either.

“Japanese researchers say they have discovered vast deposits of rare earth minerals, used in many hi-tech appliances, in the seabed”

Things happen to be in place for a reason, leave it alone. Did you not learn any lessons from the Tsunami that has left your country helpless. Do you have any idea on the effect this can have OR do you only see the $$$ signs.

“The Malaysian government is considering whether to allow the construction of an Australian-financed project to mine rare earths, in the face of local opposition focused on the fear of radioactive waste.

The number of firms seeking licences to dig through the Pacific Ocean floor is growing rapidly”

How long will it take Malaysia to do the maths and realise hmmm money for nothing… yet it is NOT nothing. The sea really does not belong to you and the damage you may in-turn do is priceless!

Together with the number of firms growing rapidly (what all of a sudden, we have deep water digging experts.) Grow up and wake up, this isn’t a game. Make a choice, you want to live in the sea or on land. Not both! You have helped many species become extinct so now simply back off and walk away.

I know you have deficits re: rebuilding your country, but do not make this fatal mistake. Think again before you decide your path. Else you will pay the price. Nature may forgive but never forgets.


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