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Womans face reconstructed after a Chimp Attack

An unfortunate incident happened a couple of years ago whereby Sandra Herold (owner of a 90Kg Pet Chimp (as you do)  named Travis)  invited her friend Charla Nash (ofcourse an expert in getting a 90kg Chimp under control, NOT! ) to … Continue reading

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Rhinos Head Dead or Alive

Can you believe how desperate people are for money ?   Am I surprised, nope!  Even after the Rhino is dead with only the head on exhibit (in a museum OK fair even, but why not the WHOLE Rhino! weird yup!) … Continue reading

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Hedgehogs in Trouble

More and more people are concreting over their front garden for extra car parking (or just pure laziness as not to maintain a lawn!) and the same applies with the rear garden, concreted over for a patio or BBQ.   This … Continue reading

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Birds nest in unusual places

Its amazing where animals choose to call home.  Like us, they look for warmth and shelter but this is amazing, under the bonnet of a hire van.  Luckily for the thrushes, Catterick Garrison noticed the nest and kept the van … Continue reading

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