Could Foxes and Badgers be next to feel MP’s Love

“MPs voted to ban wild animals in circuses last night after David Cameron’s attempts to bully Conservative backbenchers into voting against the measure backfired and ended in a humiliating public defeat.” Well done.  Eyes have finally opened, but shame on Cameron.  I wonder how much money filled his back pocket in an attempt to allow this circus act to continue.

If you refer to the link above where the circus muppet is right in front of a lion, trying to make the lion behave in a certain way is a foolish man.  If the lion harms/kills the muppet, (since lions are known to kill man right, its their natural instinct) the lion would be shot dead.  The lion did not ask to be kept as a hostage, and fed only when he/she does the certain ‘tricks’.  Lions live in the wilderness and natural habitat (in some cases safaris and zoo’s) but they are not actors!  Same applies to the elephants and other animals kept as prisoners just to perform.

Now here (link above) activists are hoping the same will apply for foxes and badgers.  Now why on earth do we allow MP’s to make decisions like this.  It’s nothing to do with ‘running’ the country or economical decisions, this is to do with lives.  They (MP’s) will make a decision based on who fills their back pocket, remember I keep saying ‘Money Talks’.  Banning Circus animals is emotive, you see the animals and you realise they do not belong in this ‘act’.  But when it comes to wild foxes and badgers, its totally different.   We hear about TB (badgers) and we hear about the recent student who had his eye-lid bitten by a fox.  So this makes people in general hate the two sets of animals.  We forget animals do not have an intellect.  They have minds like you and I.  But they themselves are always learning right from wrong. No need to eliminate them.

Look at Milly Dowlers killer, whose killed 3 times, yet in jail given another life sentence.  “Another Life Sentence” whats that ?  We are given only ONE life.  Yes Levi Bellfield is allowed to live, behind locked doors in a prison, with a roof of his vacuum head and three meals. Why has he not been shot dead ?  Why is he, having killed THREE times, one of which only a 13year old innocent girl allowed to live on ?  But if an animal bites, he is killed.

Amazing Animals v Humans.

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