Lets kill to make a quick $Buck

Well done to Bangladesh in waking up to provide protection to the 400 odd Tigers left in the Sundarbans mangrove forests.  Africa provides similar protection to the Gorillas but many of the guards die in the process.  They die since the illegal traders will kill anyone that gets in their path.   But those that survive still carry on with their jobs, total respect goes out to them.

But cynical old me says, what if one of those 300 is ready to take bribes ?   The skins of such animals is worth (tens) thousands of dollars.  But the positive side is, its better than nothing.  I would have covert operations in place where even the 30o forces are monitored.  Sorry, but the world is no longer trustworthy.  The days of ‘gentlemans agreement’ or ‘handshake’ are long gawn.


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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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