Rhinos Head Dead or Alive

Can you believe how desperate people are for money ?   Am I surprised, nope!  Even after the Rhino is dead with only the head on exhibit (in a museum OK fair even, but why not the WHOLE Rhino! weird yup!) people are still foolish to steal and sell it on to the Chinese market.  Of-course its the horn they are interested in, once crushed it fetches tens of thousands of dollars on the market.

Yes the Chinese think they have a cure for everything, doesn’t matter what dies as a result be it a bear, a tiger, an endangered Rhino…You see, a majority of the Chinese people think its OK to kill an animal no matter how endangered it is, to keep alive humans in a country where their population runs into billions.

Question is, why do they auctions animals dead or alive ?  Do we auction humans this way …?




About animalsdohaveavoice

Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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