Miffy – RIP

I called a client of mine to catchup and  to see how thing were.  It brought us to a conversation on their pet rabbit  I knew so well.  They had to put their rabbit Miffy to sleep last xmas due to a teething problem.

I know this rabbit since I have looked after her many times whilst they went away on holiday.  I actually knew something was not right since I hadn’t seen them in a while, which made me initiate the call.

When I called, I simply asked how she(the lady) was and if they had any holidays planned.  To which she answered yes, this Friday we are going away abroad.  She had been on two holidays already this year.

I then asked her if she sorted out Miffy’s teeth to which she answered ‘No’. ‘It was £250 and found it too expensive’.  To which I answered one holiday less would perhaps have paid for her treatment.  She said she was very upset, all the neighbours and friends asked how the rabbit was and she was sad to tell them they had to put her to sleep.  This selfish heartless lady continues to say
“…and you know how much it cost to have her put down, £90”.  To which I responded, if you paid the other £160 to the £90, Miffy would have had a better life at least!  Does her life not count !?

I continued to ask her if she would refrain from helping her daughter or grandchild if they had to expense a treatment.  Ofcourse she would.   So I told her, ‘ if you say Miffy was family, then whats the difference  ?’.  She then went on to repeat how they miss Miffy. I could tell you more stories about her but perhaps another time.

What a selfish, self centred lady.  I am actually happy that Miffy has passed away.  She was kept in a hutch in the garage since they got new sofas and decorated their living area, they (she) didn’t want her to damage anything.

How much would you spend on your pet if he/she was ill ?

Do you deserve to keep a pet if you cannot afford (or better still not bothered) to looking after them  through ill health ?

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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