Chain smoking – Orangutan

Is it simply OK to put up a ‘no smoking’ sign and then turn a blind eye when people toss their cigarette butts to the animals ?  Is it OK to harbour animals in zoo’s to make money but yet not treat them with any respect and provide them space or food they require.  Well, there are many more of these types of zoo’s or ‘animal parks’ but here’s an article on a particular Malaysian Animals Park.

An Orangutan, one our closest cousins sharing 97% DNA with humans is encouraged to smoke and inturn has become a chain smoker.  To help Shirley give up this habit, she would need to go through a similar process to a human, i.e not to totally cutoff from nicotine but to gradually decrease the dose.

This creature is supposed to live in a tree, with freedom to roam, eat fresh fruit and to grab a siesta whenever she is tired. Not be taught a pathetic habit as to degrade her health.  But the Malaysian zoo’s are probably very happy to pull in the crowds as the pathetic losers in life (the crowds) come to see her and encourage her to smoke by throwing their butts to her.

If you visit such a place, please make sure you complain and share your experiences with anyone you meet to make  the world aware.  By all means let me know and I’ll definitely shout it out loud!

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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