Abused Elephant now Freed

Longleat Safari Park has provided a home to Anne, a 57 year old elephant, rescued from ‘Bobby Roberts Circus’.   Should animals be paraded in circus acts ?  I think time has moved on from the days where people attended these sorrowful circus acts.  People have better things to show their children then animals kept in refined areas together with repeating the same boring act everyday!

But the footage in the video captured by an Animal Defenders International Rights shows poor Anne being beaten with something that looks like a metal rod.  If anyone knows and finds this thug, give him the same treatment, everyone has to pay the price.  And remember elephants never forget.  It shows Anne is so used to being abused, she knows no better.  She doesn’t react when she is being beaten.  There is more to this than this one man being brutal.  The circus owner must know more.


Interviewing the owner of the Circus and Elephant, he said that the keeper has vanished and knew nothing about the abuse. He has a name doesn’t he ?  Lets hear it ?  A twit like this cannot just disappear. Why would the owner want to hide such information unless he himself has something to hide.  Tax evasion, nah surely not.

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