BP Déjà vu

Lets remind ourselves of what BP managed to achieve when it when on the hunt for oil.


The first image when you click on the galley is ironically of a laughing gull.  Look at the damage done to this poor bird, all because of humans and their greed.

Even the 11 people that died have been forgotten about and these were 11 humans.  Forget the thousands of animals that died and were affected by this disaster.

This is why drilling in the Arctic and anywhere else where there’s endangered species present, drilling should STOP.  WAKEUP and SMELL the reality before we lose all the precious animals on this earth.

Are you getting to understand the common theme in most of my write-ups, you see it’s all about money.   And those that have no voice, just don’t seem to matter.

Well, law of Karma prevails, you better believe it.

About animalsdohaveavoice

Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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