Grand National

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday.  I know this for a fact since I was dining outside under the canopy of the sun with a beautiful lady.

Whilst sad people were gathered around to watch the Grand National, drinking to enjoy the race (and of course not watching the race to see these beautiful animals) but watching the race to see if THEY have won any money since its all about bets, isn’t it ?

Two horse died yesterday and apparently the commentary on the BBC failed to mention this during the course of the race.  Dear commentator, a bit of respect please.  Without horses there would be no race.   Would it have cost you anything to have simply said a few words to mark the respect of these gallant horses ?

Every year horses dies during the Grand National more than any other race.  Why ? Because it’s one race marked in the calendar year,  attracting mass crowds and an amazing amount of money via the sad old gamblers who like to make a flutter.  Not at any time do they think about the stress the horses go through to partake.  Or the pain of the whip.

This like many other sports where animals are abused and used for financial gain should be banned.

In February, 2 horses were electrocuted at Newbury. Did anyone get charged for murder ?  Nope, because it was not a human life that was taken merely just an animal.

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