Human Milk from Tweaked Cows

I’m really not surprised, what do you expect from a nation who cares for nothing but themselves.

If you want human milk, guess what, a human can produce it.  Mothers (human ones and animal ones) tend to produce milk for their young ones.  The young babies feed  of their mother milk.  The milk lasts as long as they suckle  their mother.  It dries up when they stop being fed.  So the miracle of nature did its work.

Cows feed us with milk.  The factory conditions in which they are placed, connected to tubes and pumping devices which extract the milk.  Then later on in life, after 7 years or so, they are killed since farmers cannot spare land to let the cow feed on.  Its done its job, its bought in the money and they are just discarded, killed.  Their meat is used for human consumption, for feeding dogs, cats anything really.  Then their skin is scrapped and used for leather to make shoes, belts, sofas, car seats, jackets, pants, jewellery and the list goes on.  Their blood is consumed by fools all over the world (tradition) to give them strength. (Yes we have been thru this before).

Now after all of this, they are injected and played with, so it can produces ‘human milk’.

Dear Li Ning, a cow produces milk for calves and a human produces milk for a human babies.  How dare you change nature and make a cow produce human milk.

Their are many illnesses which have no cure but you pathetic fools want to make a cow produce human milk,  you truly are un-intelligent pathetic fools.  Simple as 2+2 but you just don’t get it.

Stop experimenting on animals that already gives us so much.  Do something useful with your lives and your little chemistry sets.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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