Sea Shephards are succeeding against the Japanese

This must be a tough battle to fight, against whalers who have no respect for animals nor people who care for the animals.  Yet it was surprising to read that the Japanese actually have a heart and care for their own people, so the hunting could actually now be impacted…

“Japan’s foreign minister Seiji Maehara claimed the ‘harassment’ by Sea Shepherd had made it impossible to continue because it was ‘difficult to ensure the safety of the crew’. ”

One day Seiji Maehara, I hope you fall aboard and get harassed by the beautiful sea creatures.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not mean for them to kill and eat you, that would be poisonous.  Law of Karma Seiji, when you least expect it.

Well done to those at the Sea Shephard total respect.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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