Whale Hunting – Amazing work by the Sea Shepherds US

This is an incredible piece of work by activists who believe truly in this cause.


The Japanese, who continually try to fool the west in stating their Whale Kill is for scientific research purposes.  They kill over 500 different types of whales  in the name of scientific research.  For the number of years these Japs have killed whales you would think they would have got their scientific evidence, so who are they try to fool ?

They not only kill any animals on land, they actually want to prove their might in the sea.

LEAVE THEM ALONE, they are dying in numbers thanks to you!  Other climate factors are causing enough problems for both animals and humans, your assistance to accelerate this for the sea creatures is really not required or wanted.

To help visit Rainbow Warrior

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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