Seal Hunt now in action

When people actually witness the kill, what further proof do they require to see how cruel it is. The pups do not even live till 3 months, they do not know how to swim and by that age they haven’t even had their first wholefood meal.

What does it take to open their eyes ?  Are these people really that heartless ?

How would they feel it it was their mum or child being shot and hacked to death ?  Amazing how different the rules are.  If an animals (like a dog) kills a human, the dog pays with its life.  Here, they are paid to kill.

Are these idiots not qualified for any other job ?  If they like to kill so much, let them go hunt down paedophiles or rapists or murders or …… or do they not have the guts for a job that takes a real man ?

Law of karma prevails.

About animalsdohaveavoice

Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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