Human Planet – An Amazing Series

“…in Southern Ethiopia, a man drinks cows blood for strength, in preparation for a ritual trial where he must duel with rival clans to prove his courage”

Its an amazing series and an incredible viewpoint of how people and animals live on this planet.. not necessarily in harmony.  I happened to catch 5 mins yesterday whereby the Ethiopian stabbed the jugular of a cow to drain the blood.  The poor cow was held by others and with only the movement of  its eyes trying to see what was happening, why was he feeling so weak.  Thinking why someone is stealing his blood, blood he needs to survive.

A cow gives us milk to drink, its flesh for meat eaters to satisfy their hunger,  it holds the fat mans trousers up with the belts produced from their skin and now nothing left but a son of a bitch from Ethiopia to drink the blood, cold blooded killer.

This of course happens all over the world.  The animal dies so man can be given strength to look brave and win a dual.   So an animal is sacrificed once again for a selfish human.

Law of Karma prevails.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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