Horse Races

Two horses over the weekend were electrocuted at the Newbury Race Course.

Electrocuted at the Horse Races

At the end of the day, what does a jockey or the horse owner do with the horse ?  Keep it, tend to it,  care for it  ?  Nope.  After it stops being a race horse and stops bring in the money, the horse is no longer worth spending money on.  There may be one or two exceptions, but its all about money.  These are beautiful creatures and yet man has to abuse it.  Horse do like to run and be ridden, but why can’t it be for fun ?  Why does everything lead to money ?  These horses are trained hard and ridden hard yet with total disrespect…. only respected if they win.

Grand National at Aintree

174th Horse dies in one year … many more examples but to help, stop betting at the horse races.  Like everything else, it creates a vicious circle of money being fed into the greedy system.

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