Animal Testing Ban On Target EU 2003

This is another prime example of abusing animals for the sake of humans.   Testing  makeup for human use upon poor rabbits/rats/mice.  How many decades have people protested against the use of testing on animals yet it still continues.  This is because it is easy to forget unless its day and night in front of your eyes. Hold on, it is in front of your eyes.  How many people (women I hope) do you see on the streets, on TV, your wife, daughter etc but do we question them what products they use or do we simply accept it, since its easy to accept then bring up this subject right ….

Want to read a snippet of the process:

‘Due to a large disaster in 1920, where women were drawn to salons for an eyelash treatment designed to make their lashes darker. The dye, called Lash Lure, did as it promised but in exchange for lush lashes, the beauty searches received problems from mild eye irritation, to blindness, and even death.

This horrible cosmetic incident led to the main cosmetic animal test used today, the Draize tests. With an eye and skin version, basically white albino rabbits are used to test cosmetic products for potential cell damage or irritation. For products used near the eyes, the white rabbits are an idea subject due to the fact that their eyes have a hard time naturally washing away irritating substances. The rabbits are held by metal bands and then drops of a cosmetic product are placed in the eyes. The researchers then check the rabbit’s eyes regularly for damage.

The Draize skin test is essentially a similar concept, where the hair of rabbits, mice or rats is shaved in a small area. The cosmetic products are then rubbed directly into the skin and the area is regularly inspected for damage or irritation.’

Want to Feel Their Pain

Drop shampoo in your eyes and get someone to hold your hands back, see how long you last.

But why do we have to wait till 2013

Once again, animals do not have a voice…. but they do, we choose not to hear it.   A rabbit does not utter a sound, but grinds his/her teeth when in pain.  It does not have a tail to wag or a meow/woof  since then maybe the pain they are going thru may be heard.

This beautiful creatures provides so much pleasure to those who have them as members of their family.  How can people abuse them like this for the sake of makeup ?

Well I for one hope that when these ‘testers’ grow old, their past will haunt them in their time of need.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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