BBC2 Arctic with Bruce Perry

This was quite an interesting and informative programme.  Bruce  Perry was spending time with the Inuits and seeing how they live and survive.  The inuits hunt for their food, they can spend days away from their family living in modest huts to bring home food for the dogs (their transportation) and family.  Enough to last a while only to go out in freezing temperatures again.

Although it was hard to watch them kill and eat the flesh of the beautiful innocent seal, you can see that this is their life.    They need to hunt to survive.  What was surprising was a supermarket (in Northern Greenland) but the price of food was astonishing, not surprising either since it was mostly imported.  Price of a wilting green pepper £2, can of dried milk £12 and frozen meat was much more expensive.  Hence hunting for meat was cheaper.

But due to government quotas they were limited to what they could hunt and how many of each specie.   But they could not earn a decent living from simply hunting since it was enough to feed their family and dogs but not enough to make money.

As much as its against what I believe in, they do not have a choice, its survival of the fittest. they hunt  to survive.  They do not have greenery (and its called Greenland…) to grow vegetables or grass for cows to graze.  This is where I can respect man to do what he needs to, to survive.

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