Canada – Time to murder seals in cold blood

It’s that time of the year again whereby man cannot decide whether to destroy anything in its path on land or/and the sea.  If seals cannot eat the fish in their home territory what are they expected to eat ?  Fish is part of the seals diet.   You cannot explain the ‘quota’ terminology to them!

If you visit Canada and you eat seafood, ask where its from.  If in doubt don’t eat it.   Here’s a guide of some places to avoid. Better still, don’t eat the fish, there’s enough things to eat on the planet than other lives.

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2 Responses to Canada – Time to murder seals in cold blood

  1. James Abbey says:

    I totally agree, what a barbaric attitude to such innocent creatures.
    My wifes ex is from Canada and his brother was one of these ‘seal pup killers’ this actually split up the family. He did it purely as a sport, a blood sport. I’m glad not to be spending xmas with people like that.

    Thanks for discussing this.

    • Wow that’s a pretty close relation. I really cannot see the pleasure people get in such a cruel act. Ok so they say its a job, surely there plenty more jobs that need to be done than to kill innocent creatures like these. Let them join the armed forces if they like to kill.

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