Another reminder as we prepare for the hustle and bustle of xmas

Whilst we wrap up warm and warmer still within the walls of our homes, our furry and feathered friends do not have a choice.  Please be considerate and place food outside in the garden or nearby.

Nuts for Squirrels and Birds, together with seeds.  Eggs for Foxes or anything protein based.  This winter really is a test for us all, like we help our elderly neighbours, the animals need our help too.  They don’t have a weather forecast.  Some of the birds are here and not Norway or Iceland since THEY know what the weather is like typically in the UK. But like us, nature has thrown the unknown, none of us expected it this cold.

No matter what nature throws, these tuff souls survive one day to the next.  Where as we humans stock pile food for days and weeks just incase.  These guys don’t know where their next meal will be.  Easy for the deer to nuzzle into the ground and eat the grass, what about  when its iced over ?  Freezing cold grass.  Warriors thru and thru.

This bird walking one step at a time over the frozen lake.  Wind blowing on this feather weight but still strong to withstand what nature throws.

Total Respect.

So please remember to buy extra and feed our friends.  They are counting on us to survive this winter.    Costco sells a Huge bag of Nuts for approx £10 (cheaper than local stores) and a huge bag of Seeds approx £6.50.  Worth it.  Just Do It.

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Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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