Time to Burn Money into Thin Air

Am I getting older or is it that I have always felt that money on fireworks is a waste.  Well, from as far back as I remembers its  definitely the latter.

I am living in a neighbourhood where people have more money than sense.  Ok so lets not get to negative, do fireworks but join forces with neighbours or go to a firework display arranged by the community.  I agree, its nice to watch the faces of little children when their eyes light up as they sky is lit.

BUT consider the following:

The animals that all live local to us, in bushes, hedges trees or burrows. They have no idea of whats going on in the human world. Those that search for food at night, they are left to starve a little more. Why should we not consider them ?

Then we all have our pets.   Some of these fireworks are more noise than colour, pathetic, yes. It scares them which is not fair, its not something they understand.

The people in countries far from us in Africa or Asia do not have food or facilities of clean water.  Their animals are baking in the heat without food and water.  Yet when the time comes, these animals will be killed for food.  What life did they have ?

The point I am making is, if we calculate the money spent on fireworks, it runs into multi millions.  This money, instead of vanishing into thin air can be put to better use.

Do the simple maths… lets say a family spends £10 of fireworks.  (Now we all know they spend much more) . At least 2 families on a street so thats now £20.  How many streets in the UK ?

Not to bring doom and gloom but I think we need to realise that times are changing.  Due to the power of the internet, we can google information like we never could do before.  So lets join forces and help the animals, not scare or confuse them.

Thank you.

About animalsdohaveavoice

Animals have a voice but no one is listening, let me be the interpretor
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